At Least 15% of All New Parents
Need to Know About Tall Baby Stuff!

If your baby is likely to measure in the longer length percentiles, you'll benefit from tall baby stuff, instead of the one-size-fits-all approach of most products. We found out the hard way.

It all started with a stroller. One day, we saw our 6'5" brother pushing his $299 travel system...from the side. It wasn't that the stroller handles weren't high enough. The problem was at the bottom. The wheel base stuck out too far for a tall man's long stride, and dear brother would kick his tall stroller bottom with every step!

So, as tall expectant parents, we wouldn't make that mistake. Oh no. We'd already found the tall maternity clothes. We'd be sure to get a truly tall stroller too. We suspected our baby might be long or "tall" but a stroller is all the tall baby stuff we'd need, right?

Unlike brother's, our little baby measured in the 90th percentile from week two, and he only got longer from there. None of the typical baby gear fit the same for our baby or for us. Loads of very popular baby products were wasted cash, or downright unsafe! So if this might become your story, read on, because you'll find helpful tips and baby product reviews to enhance your baby safety, and save money on useless items.

Even if you're only taller than 5'5", (most dads), the stroller section can help you, because umbrella strollers are designed for an average woman of just 5'4"! Even if you're just a little taller, they're frustrating.

Enjoy the baby stuff that works better for longer babies, and for you.

From infant car seats to baby strollers, baby slings to baby gliders, tall baby gates to other new baby gear, being tall makes a big difference!

As one example, many activity products say they're designed to work, from age 4 months, to up to 22 pounds. However, many tall 4 month olds, can be nearly 21 pounds! So enjoy that $100 exercise saucer...for two days. Or keep reading!

These are the best tips we've found for tall parents and tall infants. A little knowledge goes a long way toward saving lots of hassles, headaches and money. It helps keep your long and lean baby safer, too.

Who are we? A couple of fairly tall parents, with a VERY tall infant, who found ourselves sharing the info so often with friends, one said, "Put this online!"

Keep checking back at Tall Baby Stuff, because we add information regularly, and update our baby product reviews. You may find something new.

Most importantly, congratulations on your beautiful, longer than average baby!

Baby Growth Chart and Percentiles To See What is Tall for a Baby.
Use the baby growth chart to check your baby growth development, and see how tall he/she is, relative to others. The baby development chart will tell you if yours is near 90th percentile.
The best strollers for tall people have more than just tall handles.
The Best Strollers for Tall Parents Have More Than Just Tall Handles. Tall baby strollers and baby travel systems also must have room for a long parent's stride. Here are the best options.
The Jogging Stroller That's Best for Tall Parents
Several work, but this cross-over model is easiest on backs of tall parents.
The Ultimate English Pram Stroller Happens to Be a Tall Option Too.
This gorgeous hand made pram stroller is truly tall, wide, gleaming and elegant, for a tall baby with style.
Tall Dads and Tall Parents Baby Gear, Including Strollers and Furniture
The products that work better for tall dads, tall moms and taller, longer babies in the 90th percentile and up.
Furniture and Baby Nursery Gear That Works for Tall Parents
From the baby changing table to the glider chair, the baby nursery needs of tall babies, and tall parents, are different.
The Best Baby Carriers and Baby Slings for Tall Infants
The best baby carriers and baby slings for long babies, aren't necessarily the most popular ones. The armholes and middle are too short for their torso. Save the cash with different choices.
Baby Play Mats and Baby Gyms Safer for Longer Babies
Even baby play mats and baby gyms can be problematic for longer babies. Get the roomier ones a tall baby can actually use.
For baby swing safety and baby bouncer function, choose a longer model.
Even a baby swing, baby chair, or baby bouncer seat should be carefully chosen for longer babies. We've measured several.
Find Tall Baby Clothes and Longer Baby Clothes
Sources for tall baby clothes, and onesies for longer babies, not just bigger babies.
Clothing Extenders to Make Onesies Fit Tall Babies
Clothing extenders are an inexpensive way to help make regular onesies fit long and lean, taller babies.
The Baby Activity Center Overview. Jumpers, Saucers and Upright Play.
There's only one baby activity center, or baby jumper type of product, that truly accommodates a tall baby well. Others can be outgrown before your baby’s old enough to use them.
Tall Baby Bath Tubs That Fit Long Bodies and Tall Parents
Choosing from long baby bath tubs that big babies fit in, and tall parents don't have to stoop over.
The Infant Swings That Measure Longer, Last Longer for Tall Babies.
Check infant swings to see that yours is long enough for a tall baby. We've measured several and report the results.
Check Which Baby Bouncers, Seats or Chairs are Longest Here, for Longest Use.
Measurements of the popular baby bouncers, chairs, and seats. Choose the longest because a long baby will need the space.
Convertible Car Seats With Higher Straps for Longer Babies
Convertible car seats work well for faster-growing babies. Some weight limits are high, but shoulder straps are low. Here are those with higher straps for taller baby growth.
Secrets To Finding Tall Maternity Clothes. They Are Rare But Out There.
Tall maternity clothes may be hard to find, but we've measured some options and offer unexpected choices. Check out these tall maternity jeans, slacks and other
Contact Us at Tall Baby
contact us for resources and reviews of products that fit taller, longer, leaner babies. Tall parents too. Find Baby Tall sizes.
Baby Development Milestones for All & Tall Babies
The baby development milestones for ages newborn to 18 months. Tall babies are consistent with these.
Finding Extra Tall Baby Gates for Taller Babies
Extra tall baby gates listed, for use with taller babies. The height measurements are sometimes not on the box.
Unique Baby Names That Imply Tall
Unique baby names that derive from words meaning tall, or which imply tall, just for fun.
Real Free Baby Stuff For New and Expecting Parents
A lot of free baby stuff just is not really free. Find the few good offers that won't spam you.
About Baby Growth and Baby Percentiles - More Practical Info
Baby Growth: Weight Charts to See If Your Baby Is Big Or Just Tall, and What Products Will Fit?
The Best Parenting Books We've Found For Better Sleep and Soothing
Keep it simple, with one of the best parenting books that covers everything, especially sleep.
Unique Baby Shower Ideas For Original, Funny, Playful People!
Unique baby shower ideas and original tidbits to make a baby shower that's play ful and fun. Tall people usually are.
Easy Diaper Cake Instructions and Baby Shower Themes to Coordinate
Diaper cake instructions. Ingredients and easy steps to building a quick and beautiful one, even for different baby shower themes.
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