Baby Jumpers That Fit
a Long and Lean Baby Body

Baby jumpers for the doorway can be a good alternative to a baby activity center, or exersaucer product. A baby doorway jumper takes up less space in the middle of the room. Also, in combination with a baby bouncer or baby chair, it may meet the needs of a family with limited space.

Much like the baby activity center seats, a baby doorway jumper can have the same problems for a tall baby's body.

Make sure that the jumpers' height is totally adjustable, and the bucket seat is deep and narrow to avoid the "tipping" problem.

A tall baby can also be frustrated by a three-strap design in a doorway jumper. The rear strap may rub the baby's head, simply because he or she sits higher up in the design.

Of the more common brands available in stores, (and on the more affordable end of things), we've found the Sassy Seat Doorway Jumpers had the deeper bucket seat. There is also no strap in the rear to rub baby's head. On the downside, the top opening is really wide, versus snug. And, this design was really a struggle to get baby in and out of. It's stiff bucket and short straps to the centerpiece meant it nearly took two of us to get the little one in and out. But, it was cheap, and once the baby's in and properly "hung" the long baby seems pretty safe, despite its challenges. The most affordable brand of our list.

sassy Seat doorway jumper

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As another design, albeit more expensive, consider the Merry Muscles Baby Exerciser. Of all the types, this style has no hard bucket to sit in. Instead, it's a wrap that fits snugly around baby's middle, regardless of the baby's body length. With side straps, nothing rubs the baby's head, or gets in the way of putting the baby in and out of the gear. It's lightweight and portable, and baby can't tip over or fall out.

Other options with deep seats include the HABA Airy-Fairy Baby Swing at the higher end of the price spectrum. In addition to the fancy design (but what baby understands that?) it has latches to further secure the sides of the bucket seat.

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The key with a tall/long baby body is that the third strap behind their head on some designs, simply rubs their head. So these avoid the problem.

Last but not least, this one's a tricky call. The Jolly Jumper is great for folks with no appropriate doorway to hang another style jumper, but the cross bar is low, so there's some maneuvering to get the baby inside. If your baby isn't a "high" bouncer (ours was), it should work fine. Ours was very, very active, and this one wasn't so sturdy for a "high" jumper. But for a more low-key, gentle jumper? Give it a bounce.

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