Best Double Strollers for Handle Height
and Tall Parent Strides

The best double strollers for tall parents aren't necessarily standout choices so far as we've found. The two best models for height we've found so far, are both compromises, versus ideal solutions. Why? The problem models we tried will illustrate the issues:

Duo Strollers in Tandem Designs:

Graco Duo Glider. Lighter weight, but the handles are low. It also maneuvers and turns poorly.

Side-by-side models (double umbrella strollers):

Chico Trevi Twin. This time, Chicco did not get it perfect. It's only 23 pounds, with slight extra handle height. However, there is an extra set of wheels in the center of the back chassis...right smack where you can kick them with every step. Ugh.

Kolcraft's double, has good handling. You won't kick the back either. has lower handles. And it's 47 pounds.

The Best Double Strollers For Tall Parents, So Far

1. Graco Quatro Tour Duo.

Graco almost comes thru on all needs! The Quattro Tour Duo is a tandem style stroller (kids in front/back of each other). You won't kick the rear wheel base, and the handles are higher...'s 39 pounds! It's a REALLY heavy stroller.

2. The Twin MacLeron Techno

It's light - only 23 pounds. The handle design offers a bit taller reach. Unfortunately, there are still extra center wheels in back, right in kick range. But, because of the slight extra height in the handles, you can walk a bit further behind it. This will hopefully avoid the kicking problem.

We'll continually update this as we test more twin and duo stroller models. Check back.

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