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Tall Parents

We said the quest for tall parents products may have began with a stroller, but actually, it was probably during tall maternity shopping. While there's a petite section in every store, there's sure not a tall one.

Next on the, "Why doesn't this fit right" list? was the baby carrier. Then the slings. Then the activity center. The first bouncer chair. It went on and on. Solutions like stroller handle extensions didn't work so well. Alternative discoveries did.

With questions from other tall moms and tall dads, we started accumulating the info to share. Finding strollers for tall parents really was just the beginning.

So now, we're just a couple on a mission! If we can help other parents of a tall baby save money and time, and buy just ONE of each of the items you need, that will help.

Maybe a few items will eventually be made longer and safer for our long babies, too. Back to Contact Us page

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