Choosing Tall Car Booster Seats

Car booster seats offer an interesting challenge. If your child's really tall, do they need a booster seat? If they're tall and thin, and don't meet weight belt requirements, yes.

So once again, the question becomes which accommodate "taller" and presumably, thinner.

Booster seats state their maximum height tolerances on their label or promotional materials. They are generally anywhere from 52" to 57".

Those that say they accommodate up to 57" include: EvenFlo, (common for that brand), Cosco has some, and Graco has one that we know of. The Eddie Bauer line of booster seats measured shorter. Recaro also measures shorter at the top shoulder strap.

We'd stick with the 57" height range, and narrow a selection down from there. EvenFlo come in the 57" height: Evenflo Big Kid Booster Seat

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