Convertible Car Seats
With Higher Straps for Taller Babies

Choosing from convertible car seats will be necessary when your baby has outgrown any of the infant car seats of a baby travel system. This will no doubt be sooner than most babies outgrow theirs. But at this point, a stand-alone baby car seat will last for many more months than your first.

To get the longest use from the seat with a tall baby, however, tall straps are needed. Some convertible car seats have weight limits of up to 65 pounds which beat those with a 40 or 50 pound limit. But the model to choose should have the highest shoulder straps, so your child still fits in the seat as they approach the weight limit. Otherwise, you'll have a kid that doesn't fit he seat, even though he or she may be under the weight.

So, if you're interested in car seat safety tips, a primary one is, make sure the seat fits, and not just the weight limit.

The good news is, this really pairs down the choices. Be glad. If the choices were wide open, you'd be staring at endless versions of seats. They can just boggle the mind and make you never want to drive again. Britax Marathon convertible car seat But lucky you. There's only one model of the many we measured, which has more room for growth, (higher shoulder straps than the others.) Plus, it offers the maximum weight limit all in one.

The winner in our measurements, for a growing faster-than-average-baby is the Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat. That's specifically the Britax Marathon model. NOTE: We are not endorsing it's other safety features over any other seat. That's beyond our knowledge or capability. Examine the safety ratings and information for yourself. Specifically for length and room, we found this design to have the most space for growth.

In our measurements, the Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat model had the highest shoulder strap position relative to the seat bottom. It also states a 65 pound weight capacity at the top end, and a little more room everywhere with the use of removable inserts.

In their own literature, Britax touts some of this themselves: "The Britax Marathon offers the greatest width of any harnessed child seat with a new optional insert that increases shoulder room by another 1.5 inches." And we found that information, after measuring it ourselves, not before.

Some other makes and models, like some from EvenFlo, and even others from Britax, also have a 65 pound maximum capacity. But the top positions for the shoulder straps are lower, or even very low.

Follow common baby car seat safety tips from the manufacturer. The shoulder straps should not come up from the child's back, well below their shoulders. To do their job, straps need to be higher.

Another option, the Cosco Alpha Omega says that when converted to a toddler seat from its 3-in-1 design, it accommodates up to 100 pounds as a booster. But in the second stage, when it's a toddler seat, the straps are lower than the Marathon, significantly.

The story's the same with some other lines of infant car seats, like Graco.

Whew. So in convertible car seats, there's really one stand out choice specifically for height. Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat

Tall Booster Seats

Later as your baby becomes a growing child, you'll need a booster seat. Read on for more about car booster seats, here.

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