Clothing Extenders Make Onesies Fit Tall

When all else fails, some simple clothing extenders or crotch extenders will lengthen the torso on a body suit in a snap, pardon the pun.

These garment extenders are nothing more than strip of soft fabric with snaps that match the bottom of a snap-crotch onesie. They'll instantly give you another three or more inches in length at the crotch. baby clothing extneders If you're lucky enough to acquire some longer, leaner onesies, you're ahead of the game. But often the baby clothes you've got are gifts, arriving before your little one. Using these extenders can make regular sized clothes work, or work longer than they would have for your tall baby.

Of the several sources we've uncovered, this one seems the best buy in onesie extenders. As of October 2008, they are $7.88 for 6, at Great Baby Using them is an inexpensive way to get more life and better fit out of baby clothes. Long live the onesie!

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