Finding Tall Baby Clothes
and Onesies for Longer Babies

You want tall baby clothes, not just big baby clothes.

Simply buying clothes in bigger sizes means waistbands too big for baby's length and pants falling off. You child swims in the giant "middles" of each outfit.

However, we've just found a few new options for long and lean baby clothes.

Certain regular onesies are actually better for longer babies. Carter's baby clothes (the biggest manufacturer seemingly available everywhere), has cute onesies in hanging packs of 5 at Kohl's and other regular department stores. Of these particular Carter's, the sizes under 1 year tend to work well for long and lean babies. They're long, but thin too. So, if you buy a 9 month old size for your 4 month old, it actually fits your long baby.

This is not true for Carter's clothes across the board, in other styles or other types of Carter's clothing. Just these hanging 5-packs of onesies are great, and easily available long and lean. They're available in many color combos too. Carter's Baby Boy 5PK Wiggle-In Bodysuits

Now, we've actually found a source for tall/long baby clothes specifically: It's the first place we've found that offers special size, long baby clothes! (Long toddler clothes too.)

The difference is important. A tall baby in the 95th percentile may be the height of a baby much older, but very low weight if he were actually the older age. Tall is tall, and it's not necessarily big.

If your baby is actually tall and big, another option is the Happy Panda brand. This website also specialize exclusively in clothing for the taller, and also bigger, baby.

Finally, consider onesie crotch extenders, or

baby clothing extenders to lengthen clothes you already have. Tall Footed Jammies

If you've got a younger infant needing 12 month or bigger sizes, you may also find the selection of footed jammies becomes really scarce in sizes beyond 9 months. At that size and beyond, two piece pajamas without feet are more prevalent. However, we've found at Old Navy, they carry one-piece footed jammies in up to 24 month sizes, so check there for bigger, baby-type pajamas. Target has a few too.

We'll keep searching for more tall baby clothes recommendations, and regular clothes that fit long babies better. Check back!

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