One of The Bigger Baby Bath Tubs

Finding the best baby bath tubs was actually easy, because one was such a stand-out compared to the other choices, in terms of room for the baby, and height for the parents.

As tall parents, we wanted something to use standing up, in a large kitchen sink. We're happy to postpone the day we have to stoop over the baby bathtub or crouch down.

The hands-down winner from among all the baby tubs has been the The First Year's Infant To Toddler Tub with Sling It's got a crazy-long name, but it fits a long baby!

The whole thing snaps over the kitchen sink (and fits!) It's base snaps snuggly across both basins, so it's actually much longer than just one sink. (That's why it fits a tall baby.) And with tall parents standing upright, bath time is soooo much easier than stooping in a tub!

For newborns, baby rests in an attached hammock or sling. You remove the hammock when the baby's big enough, then he or she sits in the extended tub. Even our toddler-sized little one can stretch his legs all the way out.

Unlike the other plastic tubs, this model is deep enough too. The inflatable tubs were all designed for other situations, and were flimsy to boot. We as of yet, don't want to spend time messing around with blowing them up either. We use it too often! A solid, over the sink style was a much more functional choice for us.

When bathing is through, we tip out the water and rest the baby tub above the laundry area, and bath-time is super quick, easy, and comfortable for all of us.

For more price and purchasing info, click here: The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn to Toddler Tub

One safety note: we also liked the long baby tub sitting up on the kitchen sink, because there is never any temptation to turn away for even a second when the baby's in a more upright tub like this. Never leave the baby in a tub of any kind, ever.

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