A Jogging Stroller/Regular Combo
That's Really Tall.

Eureka! This jogging stroller from City Series seems to solve a world of problems. Like the Chicoo Cortina Travel system, it's unusually taller than average. The catch: It's in the neighborhood of $300. Cheaper than some of the really high end designer strollers, but a little pricier than the bigger brand, more affordable ones.

But for height and stride, you can't beat it!

Baby Jogger City Series Classic

Check out the Baby Jogger City Classic Single Stroller - Red/Silver.

With that long name it's also referred to as:

The Baby Jogger City Series Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Elite

(but NOT the City Series "Mini". It is "mini!")

Word is, this stroller works for a guy even 6'10"! And it's just as comfortable for a mom 5'9".

Some of the great features, it's a jogger, but it's got the maneuverability of a much smaller stroller. It really turns corners. (most big jogging strollers are really not functional in stores or elsewhere, because of their giant wheels. They don't turn corners!)

This model, however, is as functional indoors, as it is out. It turns! And it collapses in one motion for putting in the car.

The duo model is great for twins and two kids too! A fantastic solution for some more money. But your back will thank you.

And with jogging and regular function combined, it may be the best economically, if you were otherwise to buy two strollers.



Unfortunately, this is the one catch. The City Series has a model called the "mini". It's the most popular of their line, and more easily available, but it is NOT tall! AVOID the "City Series Mini". Stick to the City Series Baby Jogger. Or Baby Jogger City Series Elite. No "Mini".

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