The Secrets to Finding Tall Maternity Wear, Even When It's Not Marked As Such.

Where are the tall maternity clothes? As all tall parents or moms-to-be quickly discover, there are few (or zero?) retail, online or other outlets that sell maternity clothes, specifically, in "tall" or "extra long".

To sort out the unmarked tall maternity clothes, however, a few things hold true as rules of thumb.

1. The more expensive the clothing line, the more "designer" the brand, the longer the clothing tends to run.

2. Jeans come in very long versions across all brands and stores, even the less expensive ones. More on that in the store-specific information. The problem with jeans, is that they're heavy. As you grow and change shape, you'll be hiking them up a lot, especially after sitting. The weight of denim helps to pull them down, down, down...

3. I've got a tall friend who carried twins, and didn't buy a stitch of maternity wear. She stayed in drawstring pants and long dresses for the duration. And she looked a little hipper than average too. Of course we're talking about Southern California where sandals and dresses for months at a time is completely reasonable. If you need extra long maternity wear or tall maternity wear in pants and skirts and business styles, keep reading. Maternity clothes for tall women can be found, with a little digging.

4. Since "tall" doesn't just mean inseam, we need longer sleeves, waists and torso's too. The good news is, that maternity tunic shirts tend to offer these bonuses. That extra fabric for tummy growth tends to help cover tall women in both directions. The following overviews are current as of Fall 2008.

BabyStyle. The Babystyle house "brand" is not particularly long. Babystyle does carry a few non-store labels that are extra long, even though they are not marked or identified as "tall" maternity. This is especially true in jeans. The downside for some of us is, they're not cheap. Each pair hovers around the $180 mark. That can be pretty high for a parent-to-be faced with loads of other expenses.

The other downside with the jeans on this Babystyle list, is that they are all "lean". Their fit models must have been stick thin, with a ball for a belly. It's as though they couldn't imagine thighs growing along with the belly. If you're skinny, great. If not, read on to Babystyle option #4.

1. J Brand Jeans have a 34 1/2" inseam. They're very long, but very low in front. They do not have a high belly band. With a long waist, you sit in low-belly jeans and the whole pair can be nearly pulled off your tuckus. The legs are very lean as well.

2. Paige Maternity jeans. Also very long but very low with thin legs too. More than a 34" inseam.

3. Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans. Slightly beyond a 34" inseam. Also skinny and tight on the thighs, and low in the belly.

4. Cadeau of Italy Maternity. These are slacks instead of jeans and while not as long as the jeans options, there are a style or two with legitimate cuffs at the hem that could be dropped 1 1/2 inches. More room in the leg than jeans, too.

If you're a very thin tall, the Babystyle options may work. A visit to their website will often reveal small discount coupons that vary by month.

Now, if the BabyStyle info depresses instead of inspires, there is also...

A Pea In the Pod. While they do not sell "tall" sizes specifically either, they do have special lines from popular jeans brands. Pea in the Pod sells special maternity versions of 7 Jeans and Lucky brand jeans, and both come very long (35" inseams).

Other items at Pea in the Pod (shirts, dresses, are not necessarily very long, but longer than the less expensive stores.)

Mimi Maternity (a sister-brand of Pea in the Pod)The Mimi Maternity label is not particularly long. The Mimi Maternity cords are short, as well as some of the casual pants. Most are not "tall" maternity fits at all. cuffed Mimi Maternity pant However, they have a basic, lightweight, cuffed grey trouser with about a 32 1/2" inseam, plus a 2 1/2" legitimate cuff that could be dropped easily. The "secret belly" band is very soft and flexible, and grows with you. Sitting down won't pull these pants off a long waisted woman!

Dropping the cuffs on these slacks will give you more than a 35" inseam, because you can un-hem underneath the cuff for even more length. Plus, you have a roomy leg, a comfortable middle, and the versatility of basic grey. There's hope! You could create a very tall maternity pant with just a seam ripper. Mimi maternity is also chock-full of cropped pant options, which may also be helpful.

Target Stores Maternity The Target line of maternity wear, Liz Lang Maternity, is not sold in "tall" or "long", but there are some longer individual items. The smocks and tunics from Liz Lang tend to be longer than average! Many of the longer tunics have an armpit inseam of about 21". (That's armpit to hem) This is below the butt for most taller women.

Pants are a different story. The Liz Lang maternity chinos and khakis have only a 31-32" inseam. It's the same with their soft elastic pants. (Lengths vary by size. We measured sizes 10 and 12) However, there are several capri-lenth pants available in maternity, in larger sizes.

The longest maternity pants at Target are their dressier slacks, such as the plaids and their soft black dress slacks. They are only a 32" inseam at best, but these styles have a hem of 1 to 1 1/2 inches.

Old Navy Once again, somebody makes tall maternity JEANS, but not necessarily tall anything else. Here goes: their full-panel jeans come in "L" (long), and they are.

Also, though not technically a "long", their maternity real waist denim have a 1" hem that could be dropped. Most jeans have a double-folded, top-stitched 1/2 hem that doesn't drop.

In general, their shirts and cami's are short, except in XL. So if you're truly just "tall" and not "big" you'll have a challenge.

So across brands, if you want to live your maternity life in denim, there are a bazillion choices for really long jeans. The trick with denim is that it's a relatively VERY heavy fabric. So with low rises, and a pregnant belly, denim jeans can easily creep down your crotch or off your butt when you walk or sit. Pregnant, AND a butt-crack? It's uncomfortable. You'll probably want to find a couple of options in tall maternity pants besides jeans. That's unless you find hiking them up all the time no sweat.

A New Option:

We have found one online source for tall maternity wear exclusively, at RG Maternity. Other searches have turned up individual pants in tall. Or maternity stores that claim to "also" sell tall maternity, but the choices are for you to sift through by their sometimes including an inseam length. "Tall" to them can mean just 33".

Check back as we review more options in tall maternity clothes from the Gap soon!

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