Baby Development 3 Months

Baby development at 3 months may include behaviors such as smiling, laughing, or sleeping through the night. (More on sleep help in books such as, "The Baby Whisperer" and other books with common-sense tips for gently building routine and longer night sleep).

A 12-week-old has generally acquired head control when upright. So, they can hold their head steady and comfortably in a carrier or a seated position for short periods. They may blow bubbles, gurgle or squeal. They can easily track moving objects with their eyes. This means they can follow your face with their eyes too.

Moving two months, your baby has already generally learned to hold his or her head up at 45 degrees when they're on their tummy. They can also usually smile at 8 weeks, and they can hold weight on their legs when held up. They might be able to clasp their hands or even turn over.

Moving even further back, at 1 month, a baby can focus on a face, and respond to sounds. They can usually also lift their head when on their tummy.

If your questions about baby development 3 months, include "When will he/she be rolling over, or sitting unsupported? Those developments show up at around 4 months, and 6 months, respectively. More details on development milestones can be found here.

About Height or Length - Baby Develoment at 3 Months

If your baby boy is taller than 24 inches at 3 months, he is taller than average.

Specifically for boys:

• 24 inches at 3 months, is the 50th percentile. (Taller than 50% of 3 month old boys)

24 1/2 is 75%, (taller than 75%), and 25 1/2" is 90th percentile.

Beyond that at 3 months old, your baby's basically, very "tall".

If your baby girl is taller than 23 inches at 3 months, she's taller than average.

• 24 inches long? in the 75th percentile (longer than 75% of 3 month old gilrs)

• 24 3/4 inches long = the 90th percentile.

Beyond 25 inches at 3 months old, and she's very "tall".

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