A Little Fun With Unique Baby Names
For Tall Babies

It's not like everything about your baby should be "tall". How obsessive is that? But for unique baby names, it is a little fun to note that some baby names mean "tall" or imply "tall" in their roots.

For curiosity's sake and a little fun, these are just a few of the tall baby names we've found. Some are a stretch, pardon the pun.


Grant (means tall or big)

Lang (means tall one, more commonly a surname than a first name)

Largo (means tall or long)

Langston (tall man's town)

Busby (a tall military hat)

Linden (a tall, graceful tree)

Augustine (Latin, means majestic. Austin, Austen are short forms)

Berg (German, means mountain)

Beaumont (French, means beautiful mountain)

Bly (Native American, means, "high")

Tamir (Arabic, tall as a palm tree)

Thurlow (English, Thor's hill)

Winslow (English, Friend's hill)


Juno (Junoesque means tall women with shape or curves)

Maeve (Celtic for tall and fair)

Daphne (Greek laurel tree)

Sequoia (as in, the tree)

Shino (Japanese for bamboo stalk)

Tabatha (Greek & Aramaic for gazelle)

Temira (Hebrew, tall)

If you're really inspired to name your baby any of these, check all the meanings, so you're not picking something that means something entirely unpleasant in yet another language!

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