Unique Baby Shower Ideas
for The Unique Minded!

So you want unique baby shower ideas to make your upcoming event original. And maybe mom and dad are tall, or the ultrasounds are predicting a long and lean junior come delivery day.

For a little extra tall fun, toss around these unique baby shower ideas and suggestions.

A Big Tip to Remember If You're Making a Diaper Cake:

Many diaper cake "recipes" call for 50 newborn-sized diapers. Woa! If baby is destined for tallness (or is just bigger than average), he or she will outgrow that stack of newborn versions before they tear into the second tier! Build your diaper cake to include a few bigger sizes, so the gift of diapers is fully usable.

See more about exactly how to make a diaper cake (with bigger diapers), here. A Tall Centerpiece

You can always stack or gather your party favors to make an interesting centerpiece. Or, use tall flowers like sunflowers, in the center of a gathering of party favors too.

Speaking of Tall Baby Shower Favors...

It's always easy to wrap a little something in a felt "diaper", whatever your party favor. Just cut felt or cotton triangles larger than the gift. Pull up the front corner, fold it under, and attach the side corners to that front panel, with diaper pins.

This little touch is good for small potted plants, Godiva chocolate bars, key chains, even gift cards. Just about anything party-favor sized, can be bundled in a mini diaper this way.Small envelopes of plant seeds are also interesting favors. Perhaps seeds for a tall flower?

Just to Make The Guys Nervous

If it's a women-only shower, send grandmas, or other key selects home with a party favor labeled, "For the next mom to be!" Make sure it goes to a grandma, or someone with kids already, or whomever would be the most shocking to their roommates, husbands or significant others destined to stumble on it.

Funny Games

The Game Challenge!

Bear in mind that a baby shower filled with old friends will probably not need many funny baby shower games. There will be too much catching up and gabbing to make room in the schedule for them!

But at a shower with very mixed company, and lots of guests unknown to one another, games can offer a great mixer to the room. But choose games that let shy people be shy, and the outgoing stay outgoing are great. Fun baby shower games are a good start to generating unique baby shower ideas.

Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Ask those with cell phone cameras to pair with two other guests who may not have one. These teams must take a list of photos without leaving the room, under a very tight time limit! Say, three minutes. The list might be:

1. a photo of three left feet, shoes off (that's one foot from each person in the frame) 2. a photo of a nickel, dime, penny, quarter and one dollar bill. (items from a purse or wallet)3. a photo of, a photo of, the hosts' family. (Pick a photo in the room...best guess as to which one might be family!)

Have the teams display their photos, by passing them around, or holding their cell phones up. If more than one team succeeded at getting all the photos on their "scavenger hunt" list, the mom-to-be gets to judge the winner, for content and originality!

Name The Baby - Again!

This unique baby shower idea is inexpensive, fast, and simple. If you have a particularly good-humored group, or funny mom-to-be, this one's also a winner. Hand out fun, baby-doll-style paper cut-outs for guests to anonymously write their votes of original "back up" names for the baby.

Key to this game is to make it clear - these are joke names you're all suggesting! The game's intro might be, "We know Mommy and Daddy have already named Junior, but in case they need a good back-up, write your best suggestion for an alternative name and put it in the diaper bag. Mom gets to pick which one makes her laugh the hardest - and that author wins a prize."

This game was big with us. Give your guests some suggestion. If your last name is Neidermier, perhaps a joke name suggestion is "Friar Neidermier" or "LiarLiar Neidermier." Or "Fork".

If you've got the kind of guests (and mom) with a real sense of humor, who appreciate unique baby shower ideas, this one is big, silly fun. I believe the winner at our shower which brought the house down with its simplicity, was merely, "Hat". It gave the entire room an hour of laughs and the slips of paper all go in the scrapbook.

Baby Shower Bingo!

This is another good suggestion because nobody introverted has to watch what they say for three hours, or race or stand up and be the center of attention.

babyshowergamesatoz.com has a customizable, printable set of baby shower bingo cards you can order and download. Or, create your own Bingo card, even by hand! That way, you can use words that suit the mom and dad, or junior! Make it a more unique baby shower idea, by using the backs of classic postcards for the cards, or using toy diaper pins for the markers.

Caption the Ultrasound!

(Didn't we say, "funny baby shower games?") If mommy has a good ultrasound available, scanning it and passing a card around for guests to caption, is fun. Mom pulls the cards from a basket to read aloud, and gives a prize to her favorite once again.

In Conclusion...

We're assuming you know about games like, "Guess the Baby Food." "Measure the Belly." And "Don't Say Baby" or you lose your pin. But since you all DO know about these games...haven't they been played enough? Unique baby showers do things a little differently. If you think so too, and really wanted some unique baby shower ideas, our work here is done.

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