Finding Extra Tall Baby Gates for Taller Babies

To find extra tall baby gates, you have to get the specifics. Sometimes, the height measurement on baby gates is not even listed on the packaging. Or, it's incorrectly stated in sales descriptions. The height is very important for baby gate safety if you have a tall baby. And if you're a tall parent, you don't want to stoop just to open the gate. Tall is good, all the way around.

Average baby gate height is from 23-26 inches. With some attention, however, you can find baby gates as tall as 30, or better still, 36 inches or even 40.

These are the baby gate brands we've measured, tallest to shortest: Dream Baby Extra Tall Security Gate Combo The tallest:

Dream Baby Extra Tall Swing Closed Security Gate = up to 40". Alone, it's around $60. However, with extensions included, this gate is one of the priciest too, at around $100.

Summer Infant Extra Tall Gate

This model comes in black or white, with extensions or without. What you're looking for is the brand, specifically, "Dream Baby Extra Tall."

Pictured at right is a regular height baby gate, from the same manufacturer. Here you can get an idea of the difference when using a standard sized version. Extra tall baby gates are harder for baby to scale, and easier for mom or dad to reach and open comfortably. Alternative tall choices, up to 36 inches:

Summer Infant Extra Tall Gate is 36". Available for approximately $55-65. Summer Infant Summer Extra Tall Gate

Extra Wide Extra Tall Top of Stair Gate = 36" (up to 47.5" wide)

Summer Extra Tall Walk-thru Gate = 36" (width = ?)

Summer Infant Custom Fit Corner gate = 36"

Note how these gates, at around 36" are significantly taller than the other common choices.

Other, shorter brands, tallest to shortest include:

EvenFlo Top Of Stair Plus Gate = 32" (up to 48" wide)

Super Gate V = 31" (up to 62" wide)

Easy Open & Lock Gate = 30" (up to 37 1/4" wide)

First Years Hands Free gate = 30" (up to 34" wide)

EvenFlo Secure step gate = 30" (Up to 42" wide)

EvenFlo Soft & Wide = 27"

Safety first = 27" (up to 42" wide)

Super Yard XT = 26" (makes a circle play yard)

EvenFlo Position = 23"

Clear Choice. Only 23". (up to 42" wide)

NOTE: While there is a Regalo Adjustable Height Gate on the market, (adjusting up to 42" inches tall), we've come across a number of customer reviews that are quite unsatisfactory. The gate seems flimsy, so it did not make our recommended list.

Check back for more baby gate reviews and details on other features soon.

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