Easy Diaper Cake Instructions
(Using Slightly Bigger Diapers)

Easy Diaper Cake Instructions. You'll Need:

• a flat cake "base" at least 18" diameter. This could be a simple inexpensive party platter, or a cardboard/tagboard disc, covered in baby shower wrapping paper.

• clear tape

• a straight-sided, tupperware type, round container, at least 8" in diameter. Not more than 10". Straight, vertical sides are important. No slope or curve. (These are the simple, disposable plastic storage containers from the grocery store. "Snapware" will work, for about $4.) You'll wrap the diapers around this as a base.

It's nice because as the cake gets used, this "container" can also hold some nice baby surprises, for a gift that keeps on giving. Fill the plastic ware center with ribbons and gift cards, or candies, for example.

• 50-ish diapers, usually less. (20-30 newborn size, 20 size 1...OR 40 of size 2 or 3. 40 is often a typical large package.)

• Wide ribbon in shower theme colors (at least 72" long in each color)

• 4 long baby spoons or inexpensive chopsticks.

• Bows, plus small baby favors of your choice: colorful baby spoons, tiny rattles, pacifiers, socks or booties in theme colors (Consider these little touches like the frosting flowers for decorating the final product)

• Optional: 8" squares of tulle or netting for trim

Easy Diaper Cake Instructions - Steps.

Step 1 - Building the Layers

For the bottom layer, use 20-25 diapers if they're "newborn" size. But for a tall baby, we recommend using bigger sizes, like 2...then you'll need just 15-20 for the bottom layer.

Lay the diapers horizontally, with their top folds staggered by an inch or so, around your tupperware-type base.

It may take an extra hand as you finish, but wrap this layer in a wide ribbon around the entire assembly, to hold it in place. Use a wide ribbon first for best security, and wrap it fairly tightly. Secure with tape. Top that wide ribbon with a more narrow, contrasting color for style. Cover the taped area with a bow or other decoration, below.

For the second "layer", fan another 10-15 diapers around themselves in a horizontal circle, (more diapers if using a very small size), borrow an extra hand, and secure a wide ribbon around this layer too.

For the top layer, wrap just 3 diapers around themselves, (5 if they're tiny), and secure with another piece of ribbon.

Step 2 - Securing the Layers

Set your bottom layer on your platter or base. Some wide tape rings flattened underneath the diapers will help secure it. (Or, if you're using paperboard and want it extra secure, cut a couple of tabs you can fold up to stick into the bottom diaper layer.)

Stack the second "cake" layer on top of the first, and insert 2-3 chopsticks, into outer folds and down into the bottom base of diapers, to hold the second layer in place.

Do the same to the final layer, or use 2 or 3 colorful, long baby spoons to tucked into the top of the top layer, to secure it to the second one.

Other diaper cake instructions may have you using more diapers, and more expensive means of securing the layers, but we've found these work well.

Step 3 - Decorate!

Consider any of the following:

• Put a small stuffed animal as the cake topper, or baby booties.

• Tie small ribbons around a 3-5 separate pairs of baby socks, and tuck these baby sock bundles, one into each "layer" as if they were frosting flowers.

• Make groups of small bows out of the remaining ribbon, and place them around the layers

• Alternate the bows on each layer, with a baby rattle or two.

• Fill the tulle squares with candy, gather the corners and tie. Use these little candy bags as decorations as well.

Baby Shower Themes for the Cake:

• Bath time. Use a rubber ducky topper and make yellow the ribbon color. Tuck in little wash clothes and tub toys.

• Twins. Use two of everything

• Noah's Ark. Sprinkle the cake with "animals" from a real cake decorating collection.

• Girl's Shoe Collection. Decorate with a variety of "girl's shoes" to get her started on having too many, too early. :)


1. Use biodegradable diapers, which are not just a boost for the environment, they tend not to have colorful logos or character prints, which distract from your color theme and design. They're the closest to "basic white". Otherwise, turn the diaper logos inward so they don't show.

2. You won't need that many "trinkets" for decorating. If you buy some of everything, you'll have too many! Between decorative bows and trinkets, 6 bows and 5 trinkets (plus a topper) will work at a minimum.

Share these diaper cake instructions with your friends! And don't pay for a video demo online. Because once you've got the ingredients, you'll find the "How to build a diaper cake" not so mysterious.

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